Distilled for Purity

MSM Distilled for Purity

Purification is an essential step in the production of MSM, and Bergstrom Nutrition® sets the gold standard in the industry. We start with the best quality raw materials, then utilize a four-stage distilling process to ensure optimal purity.

Crystallization and distillation are the two methods manufacturers commonly use to purify MSM. Chemical engineers recognize distillation, which was pioneered by Bergstrom Nutrition, as the superior purification method. Many manufacturers chose crystallization because it is a cheaper process, but we won't compromise purity for the sake of economics. Only Bergstrom Nutrition MSM is guaranteed to be positively pure through purification by distillation.

A Difference You Can See

Crystallized MSM is highly dependent on both the quality of the water and raw materials, because a “wash and centrifuge” process is used to separate impurities and manufacturing by-products. As crystals form, occlusions develop that can entrap contaminants present in the solution.

By contrast, Bergstrom Nutrition's exclusive four-stage distilling process uses heat to separate impurities and manufacturing by-products, allowing 99.9% pure MSM to be isolated from the solution. In addition to being a very pure product, our distilled MSM has a low moisture content, which reduces the risk of microbial contamination and product degradation.

The Bergstrom Nutrition “Triad of Purity”

  • Low Water Content <0.1%
  • Specific Melting Point 109.5º Celsius
  • High Volatile Purity >99.8%